Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Friends Movie Review: Cinderella

Two Saturdays ago, my friend Donna and I went to see Disney's new live action Cinderella. I hadn't planned on seeing it. I had only become interested in going after seeing a trailer for the Frozen short and that wasn't enough of a reason buy a ticket.

But there we were Saturday night both wanting something to do, both craving theater popcorn, and both in need of a light hearted distraction. So to Cinderella we went and we loved it.

I started writing the review that night, but then life got a bit overwhelming and blogging had to wait. The upside is an additional voice for the review. My Mom, who is visiting for the week, saw Cinderella with my Dad and Sister this past weekend.

Now for the review. Be warned, there may be SPOILERS ahead. Read on at your own risk. If you want to be surprised stop now. You have been warned.

The Good:
Donna -This was so beautiful. I have a hard time narrowing down the good. The prince was great and so was the Captain of the guard. I loved the Prince's interaction with the King. It was so perfectly fairy-tale and the CGI was spectacular. I also think Cates Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter were noteworthy especially since the casting was a surprise.
Mom -The carriage was outstanding. I really loved it and the dress was exquisite. I liked the scene with the King and Prince and all the interactions between the Prince and Cinderella. I thought the Step-Mother was excellent in her role and the fairy godmother was funny. I liked it more than EverAfter.
Me -There was so much I loved about Cinderella. It was beautiful. I loved the costumes and hope the creator gets at least an Oscar nomination. I loved the setting created, the use of animals, and  the magical transformations (and returns). I thought Cates Blanchett and Helena Bonham Carter were wonderful. The casting seemed counter intuitive and reversed based on their past roles and yet I really loved it. The interaction between the parents and children were lovely. I thought the writers did an a great job explaining how the Step-Mother became so evil without condoning her actions. My favourite moment surprised me, I love at the end when Cinderella turned to the Step-Mother and said, "I forgive you."

Less Than Good:
Donna -There was nothing big that bothered me. I did compare it to Ever After but only that I enjoy both and want to re-watch the later.
-I didn't find anything negative or detracting from the movie.
Me -I only had complaint and it seems petty. It was the eyebrows, specifically Cinderella's eyebrows. Someone in make-up or design decided that Cinderella should have light hair but keep her eyebrows dark. It looked ridiculous to me and I spent huge chunks of the movie distracted by them, wondering why they were left so dark with light hair, and missing whatever else was happening.

I wondered if I was alone in my view. I am not, I also found this review "Cinderella Is Beautiful But Bibbity Bobbity Boring" The Mary Sue that agrees. The write also had other issues with the movie that are not as glowing as this review and worth reading for a different perspective.

Favourite Animal:
Donna -Mr. Goose
Mom -Gus Gus
Me -The mice, especially Gus Gus

Final Rating:
Donna -4 magic wands out of 5
Mom -4 mice out of 5
Me -4.4 pumpkins out of 5

Final Thoughts:
We liked Cinderella and thought it was a good family movie. It stays true to the story and yet has its own charm. The Frozen Fever is also cute, not worth going only for the short but a fun addition. If you like Disney stores you'll probably enjoy Cinderella.

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