Monday, May 25, 2015

Friend Movie Review: Avengers: Age of Ultron

Welcome to the long over due Avengers: Age of Ultron movie review. Donna took me to see it over a week ago. We went to the late late show and were the only two people in the theater. It was a great way to see a movie. It was like our own private viewing; the only downside was that we couldn't pause for bathroom breaks. After, we tried very hard to get a decent us-ie* with the movie picture... we didn't really succeed but there you go.

The upside to my procrastination is I got see Age of Ultron a second time at the drive-in double feature with Aurora and Alice. That means more friends to share their perspective.

It was Alice's first viewing and Aurora's second. The second feature was Cinderella. I think I am more impressed with Cinderella after the second viewing. One of my favourite versions of this classic story. And the Frozen short is still fun, to quote Aurora, "I love the snow snots."
Now on with the review. There will be SPOILERS ahead. Read on at your own risk. If you haven't seen Avengers: Age of Ultron and don't want to know details stop reading now. You have been warned.

Donna: All of it, this was my second viewing and I still like everything about it. It has all the things I enjoy in a good movie, awesome bad guy, banter, and great heroes. James Spader I the perfect voice for Ultron. This is a film I know I will add to my collection.
Alice: It had Joss Whedon, how could I hate it? There was great dialogue and banter, the plot flowed and was fairly tight, the stunts were fun, and I appreciate that they addressed importance of rescuing the civilians. I also would be winning to watch a Black Widow movie after seeing her in this.
Aurora Lee: Alice summed the good well. I liked the banter and fun as well as the addressing of the civilians needs. The only I can add is that it was nice to see Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) be awesome even in a bit role. 
Me: I agree with my friends. This was a good movie for the reasons they give. I loved so many lines it could take up the whole post (and they are less funny out of context). James Spader was the perfect voice for Ultron. I liked the use of Pinocchio's 'There are not strings on me' song. I also loved that four of the battles didn't take place in North America, the "explanation" scene for why Pepper and Jane were missing, the Stan Lee cameo, the growing relationship between Hulk and Widow (I might be the only one) and the redemption story of the twins.

I also liked the question of "who is the monster?" thread throughout the movie. Black Widow asks Banner if he still thinks he's the only monster on the team after she shares a bit about her past. Stark says "we're not monsters; we're mad scientists." Banner confesses that the team is wondering if the Vision is "the monster Ultron made you to be." The theme ends with a great speech by Captain American, that I didn't copy perfectly, but goes like, "are we monsters? Ultron seems to think we are so this has to be about more than beating him but finding if he's right." 

Less Than Good:
Donna: I have no complaints.
Alice: it should have been Hawkeye that died not Quicksilver. The Hulk and Black Widow relationship seemed out of the blue. And the climax was too similar to the first Avenger movie, with most of the heroes fighting the enemy hordes while Iron Man flys to risk everything to solve the bigger problem.
Aurora Lee: Black Widows lines, especially "Beep beep"!!! I would not watch a Black Widow movie. 
Me: There was no second “easter egg” clip at the very end of the credits, not even shawarma eating. I was disappointed. Also, there were four specific scenes where I thought they were foreshadowing Hawkeye's death predicting the wrong death bugs me. However Quicksilver's death caused me more grief and I've come to expect that from Joss Whedon things.

Favourite Hero:
Donna: Captain America
Alice: Iron Man with Jarvis as a close second
Aurora Lee: Ultron 
Me: I hate choosing; I'm with this kid:
Final Rating:
Donna: 4.5 shields out of 5
Alice: 4 Whedons out of Joss
Aurora Lee: 3 Ultron robots out of 5 
Me: 4.2 infinity stones out of 5

*us-ie -a "selfie" photo taken with more than one person

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