Monday, May 11, 2015

Friend Movie Review: Furious 7

The drive-in opened this weekend for summer season. Saturday night, AuroraLee, Roommate and I saw the first show, Furious 7. The second movie was Unfriended, which didn't interest us.

Be warned, there may be SPOILERS ahead. Read on at your own risk.

I was really excited, I have enjoyed this whole franchise. It makes me smile. Roommate hadn't seen any of Fast and Furious movies since the first one and was curious about what to expect. Aurora came up with the best explanation "it is a superhero movie with cars." Which actually lead to more confusion, "there are superheroes? I don't remember that. I thought it was about racing cars."

Aurora expanded her thought saying, the only way to enjoy this movie is completely suspend reality. When you let yourself think of everyone as super humans with super strength and super skills and very fast cars the movie becomes much more enjoyable. The first (few?) movies were action and adventure with the regular movie magic impossible moments but as the series has continued the stunts have become more ridiculous and epic and superhero-esque. I completely agree with her; it is what I enjoy about these movies. We had fun loosely "counting" superhero moments. We lost count after 20-something and then jumped to fictional numbers after that. If you do see this and count, what is your superhero count?

The Good:
Aurora Lee -572 "superhero moments," fast cars, and the tribute to Paul Walker.
Me -they parachuted cars on to a mountain, things exploded, none of the main characters died (I don't count the Hans' death in Tokyo which actually happened in Tokyo Drift) which was great cause I couldn't have enjoyed that type of story.

Less Than Good:
Aurora Lee -The dialogue was cheesy; but even that kinda fits with the whole movie.
Me -I don't enjoy Jason Statham as a villain because I enjoy rooting for him but not above wanting the Furious 7 team to win. Sadly, I realized I missed seeing Six. That's not Seven's fault but I had thought that I had. Anyone want to see Six with me?

Favourite Stuff:
Aurora Lee -The Paul Walker tribute at the end.
Me -"Cars don't fly, cars don't fly, cars don't fly," -Paul Walker as Vin Diesel drove a limited edition car out of penthouse into another building and then another building.

Final Rating:
Aurora Lee -4 hot cars out of 5
Me -3.9 explosions out of 5

Final Thoughts:
If you like explosions, Vin Diesel, or any of the Fast and Furious it is worth seeing. I thought it was a great wrap to the Tokyo Drift "what happened Hans?" story arch. Everything since Three has been leading to this. Also, Paul Walker tribute felt like closure.

Roommate's voice is missing from the review because she's student on co-op and didn't have the head space; this isn't a comment for or against the movie.

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