Sunday, May 31, 2015

June Daily Writing Warm-Up Challenge

Writing can be a challenge. I am often caught in an awkward in-between of wanting to writing and actual writing. I have ideas and plans for short stories, blog post, children’s books, or novels but when I finally sit in front of my computer the ideas have evaporated. I am recognizing I need to change how I approach writing. If you have ever felt the same way I invite you to join me in June for my new “Daily Writing Warm-Up Challenge.”

The goal is to cultivate at daily writing habit that begins with a 5 to 20 minute warm-up exercise. I was inspired by Bret Anthony Johnston’s essay in Naming the World and other Exercises for the Creative Writer, “A Note About Daily Warm-Ups.” In it he says,
“I employ these warm-ups the way musicians practice scales, the way boxers work a speed bag, to heighten concentration and to awaken creativity. The narrative calisthenics have essentially no bearing on the major project at hand, but for all of their whimsy, they serve that deep and abiding purpose?: they purge everything from the writer’s mind except a concerted attention to language. They make it easier to get your butt in the chair, and to keep it there. (For this reason, they’re also terrific antidote for writer’s block. They bring your fingers to the keys, or your pen to the paper, without bias or expectations.)”
How The Challenge Works:
Starting tomorrow, June 1st, a new daily writing warm-up exercise will be available each morning around 6am ( the prompts will be finished earlier and set to publish at 6am). Those participating will use the daily prompt to getting the writing flowing at the start of a writing session.

How To Participate:

1. Choose a Goal
The overall purpose of this challenge is to improve writing habits. This will look differently for each writer so three levels to choose from as a goal:
Bronze: Complete 10 days of writing-warm up exercises
Silver: Complete 15 days of writing warm up exercises
Gold: Complete 25 days of writing warm up exercises
2. Sign Up
Signing up isn't necessary but it is helpful. Having others know you are participating in the challenge, even if it is strangers, helps keep you motived to keep your commitment. To sign-up leave a comment below along with your challenge level. You can sign up from now till June 20th.

3. Write
There will be a new prompt every day in June. Use them as your warm-up writing exercise to meet your goal.

4. Share
On days you use the prompt, leave a comment sharing your success. It can be as simple as "I did it." Or you can share your track record 5 out of 20 accomplished. If you have a blog where you share writing leave a link to the corresponding results.

My Goal:
I am trying for the gold level, 25 days of writing that start with a warm-up exercise.


Janey said...

Sounds good to me - although there is no fear at all about me attacking a prompt at 6:01 am.
The bronze - i.e., 10 days out of 30, in June. As well as the others the 15 days out of 30 and the 25 out of 30 ... do not have to be consecutive days, right?
(A silly question I expect ... because that could defeat the purpose of 10 days out of 30 and 15 days out of 30 being easier than the 25 days out of 30.

I will go for the gold - and see where I end up.
Chuckle chuckle - I have images of having 15 days of writing left to do on the 21st of the month.

BTW, sorry I missed last meeting. And I am going to miss another one or two as well. I have joined in a study circle about racism and discrimination in Kings County. The group meets for the next three or four Mondays - starting at 6 pm. If I get away from it early enough, I stop in at TANS on.


Elizabeth said...


I won't be writing at 6am either; the prompts are finished to scheduled to post that early. Two reasons 1) deadlines are necessary or I'll forget and 2) the prompts are ready before most writers will want them :)

You are right, the challenge is not about being consecutive. You can write/use any of the 10, 15, or 25 days of June. If you are going for 25 being consistent will help because you can only miss 5 days.

I hope your circle study is good and we'll see you at Best Word when it's done :)

Dave C said...

Aiming for silver but shooting for gold. I'm in.