Sunday, October 18, 2015

Cosplay Checklists, Nocturne, and Countdowns

Santa Claus isn't the only one who is making lists and checking them twice. Checklists are my cosplay survival tool. With Hal-Con less than two weeks away my lists have lists. There is a master list for each costume, props supply lists, a shopping lists and to do lists, and even list of lists I need to make. I'm attending the con with my sister and Aurora. We have a different theme planned for each day for a total of nine costumes.

Day 1 -My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Aurora is going as Dr. Hooves, Sister as Rainbow Dash, and I'm going as Twilight Sparkle. These costumes are almost done! I still have a major prop to create. 
Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash with reference pictures

Day 2 -Doctor Who: Fires of Pompeii
We're going as the Sibylline Sisterhood. I love these costumes but they still require so much work.

Day 3 -Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
This was the easiest set. Aurora and I went was Roxie and Ramona two years ago. And sister has most of the items needed for Knives Chau. I finished her scarf Friday and I think we're all done.

Friends and I went to Halifax's 8th Annual night of art. We saw at least 15 of the installations and still didn't catch half of them. It was am amazing experience. I think the acrobatics in the church were my favourite

Days Until I Vote: 1
Days Until Sister Arrives: 10
Days Until Hal-Con: 11
Days Until Sci-Fi Symphony by Symphony Nova Scotia: 12
Days Until NaNoWriMo begins: 13
Days Until Christmas (and the Doctor Who Christmas Special): 67
Days Until I can watch the Doctor Who Christmas Special: 68
Days Until my American Friends Vote: 386

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