Monday, April 25, 2016

Birthday-Eve! and the 35 Before 35 Wrap-Up

Today is my last days of 34. This is traditionally the post when I reflect on the past 365 days and see how well I did on my birthday bucket list. I kinda forgot about the list of 35 challenges I set a year ago so I am pleasantly surprised by the results.

This has been a year full of adventures and the unexpected. I was in a very different place and situation than I had ever been before. There have been low moments but when I think for the people in my life, the answered prayers, and joys I've experienced all I can say it's pretty rad to be alive:

This is the results from last year's list:
1) Choose a "My One Word-DONE!
My word is Seek

2) Read the whole Bible
I've read much of the Bible and more than I did last year but not the whole bible.

3) Paint the canvas
The canvas is still white. I am indecisive about what to paint on it.

4) Go on a spiritual retreat -DONE!
Last May I attended Mark East, an annual retreat put on by Intervarsity. It was amazing and exactly what I needed at the time. I loved it so much I am going next week.

5) Fill a journal -DONE!
I have less then ten pages to go...but it will be filled tonight. Regardless, the point was to get me back in the habit of journaling and that was the bigger success.

6) Take a course -DONEish
I started a course...not finished yet, does that count?

7) Write more  -DONE!
This was an abstract goal, I was not as successful as I had hoped but I did NaNoWriMo, wrote a bit of fiction outside of November, started journaling again, and had some good blogging months, so I'm giving me the win.

8) Read more -DONE!
I read it was good.

9) Dance more -DONE!
My friend Jen has video proof, I dance on beachs, in stores, in homes. There was dancing. It was a good challenge that could be repeated.

10) Draw (almost) weekly
I doodled but not has much has I had hoped.

11) Be thankful -DONE!
I have been so blessed.

12) Make 500 cards
It was closer to 100 cards. There were just other things I wanted to give my attention to this year.

13) Do something I've been putting off -DONE!
There was a big job of organizing that I had been putting off for seven years. I finally did it!

14) Experience Summer -DONE!
So many adventures: camping, hilking, swimming in a lake and the ocean, road trips, day trips, tubing, s'mores, berry picking, picnics, and bonfires. It was a wonderful summer!



15) Learn to cook five dishes -DONE!
I poached an egg, cooked three new vegatarian dishes, and took a medieval cooking class that taught five dishes.

16) Cosplay with my sister (at Hal-Con) -DONE!
So much joy!

17) Know 1000 Spanish words -DONE!
Between Duolingo and Babble this vocabulary goal was achieved. Now I just need to find away to use those words so they stick.

18) Finish four children stories
I wrote out one.

19) Send a completed work to an agent or publisher
I got scared...and didn't send anything.

20) Go to the symphony -DONE!
So much joy!

21) Send mail
Stamps are expensive.

22) Swim in the ocean -DONE!
There is actual proof on someone else's phone.

23) Visit a provincial or national park -DONE!
This was a great adventure with my sister

24) Find My Style -DONE!

25) Be healthy
Not how I had hoped

26) Be a vegetarian for 30 days -DONE!

27) Host a party -DONE!
I helped host a Harry Potter birthday for a good friend's son's 10th birthday.

28) Let someone know how much they mean to me -DONE!

29) Keep a plant alive -DONE!
Hank survived the summer...I think in spite of my care:

This is my tomato plant; his name is Hank.

30) Try something new -DONE!
I tried a new church with new traditions, especially celebrating a whole Holy Week with Mandy-Thursday. Also I discovered a love of comics.

31) Vlog

32) Surprise someone in a way they will appreciate -DONE!

33) Have an adventure with my family -DONE!
When I was visiting there were mini adventures. Mom and I went for walks, Dad and I hunted down fabric, and Sister and I went on a road trip, explored a town, and saw One Direction.

34) Celebrate someone's birthday by celebrating others -DONE!

This goal comes straight from Kid President's Guide to Being Awesome, step 25 to be exact. I highly recommend reading the book. It has been helpful in the refining of these 35 challenges. The best part was that I read step 25 a few days before my sister's 15th birthday and thought the idea would be a perfect way to celebrate her birth with others. With the help of many people Operation Cupcake was a huge success!

35) Take a risk -DONE!
The risk is that I've put my notice in with my landlords and will be moving from where I've lived for the past ten years. Next month everything in my world is changing.

26 out of 35 challenges. That's better than half! I am happy with the result. Now the question is, do I make another list for the coming year and if so what do I put on it?

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35a) Be awesome. Done! :O)