Friday, August 05, 2016

Sister Movie Review: Ice Age -Collision Course

Last Monday (July 25th), Sister and I went to see the newest Ice Age: Collision Course. I didn't realize this was the fifth installment, not including the TV holiday shorts. I completely missed four and was confused by some of the new character. I don't think that hindered my comprehension of the movie; it just meant there were more characters to spread the humour between.

Spoiler Warning: through out the review we could give away plot or humour details.

Sister: It was well done. It was childish but still enjoyable.
Me: It was funny, dumb funny, but still funny. It was also nice to see the prehistoric squirrel have a role in caring the plot however ridiculous it might have been. I did like the squirrel and Buck (the weasel) and inside Buck's mind with Neil deBuck Weasel.

Less Than Good
Sister: I liked it for what it was so I didn't notice anything wrong with it.
Me: The story didn't have the heart of the earlier movies or a point. Even the family arch of Manny letting go of his only daughter felt clich√©. The squirrel, which is always enjoyable, didn't have any surprising scenes. Most of his nut antics I had seen in previews. I can't even comment on how wrong the space/creation scenes were; I laughed but so ridiculously wrong. There were also so many characters to keep track of that some of them felt pointless.

Favourite Line
Sister: "I didn't know sucking was strategy" -Granny
Me: "Here he is. The master of meditation. The supreme sovereign. The Shangri Llama!" -Brooke

Favourite Character
Sister: Sid
Me: Buck

Final Rating:
Sister: 4.5 Buck predictions out of 5
Me: 2.3 Shangri Llama yoga positions out of 5

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