Monday, March 06, 2006

Frivolous Tale of Woe

The other night I was relaxing, just watching the end of Proof of Life. I had rented it and two others some time earlier. As I sat I started to question myself, when exactly were the movies rented? Checked the receipt. The store I rent from puts the due date on the bill, it’s a handy feature for those scatter-brained and forgetful types (I admit to falling into that classification). Moment of panic: they movies were due that night -by 1am. Check the clock –that’s only 15 minutes away. An inner battle raged to make the deadline or not bother. The thought of the late fees encouraged me to go. Then I considered the hour. It was late therefore dark. I’d have to watch the streets alone. I was dressed for bed. It was cold outside (but not as cold as Canada). Then I though about the cost again. The late fees would have been about $8 for my two DVDs and one VHS. The price turned the tide. I scrambled around put jeans over my PJs, slipped into boots without even bothering to find socks. Nine minutes till 1. I could make it if ran. So run I did…mixed with some fast walking. The whole time my mind is telling me "you’re not going to make it, you’re not going to make it". I was wrong I did make it. Success! Oh, joy of joys, it was worth the outing I think as I catch my breath. Then tragedy and woe: all the cases were there, the two DVDs were nicely in their cases but I had left the VHS at the apartment still in the machine. Oh the silly things I do.

The next day my feet let me know that it is a very silly thing to run around in boots without socks. I have blisters on both my feet. So commitment to run for lent has been put on hold till my feet feel up to the task.


Missy said...

oh Liz, you make me laugh. :-)

matthew said...

u funny