Thursday, March 23, 2006

Is That For Here Or To Go?

I enjoyed this: McPassion

The writers thoughts on religious marketing and his explanation on how this short came to be was intriguing and everyone’s got to appreciate a good satire. Well, obviously not everyone does (if you read the responses there is a full spectrum from encouragement to accusations of blaspheme). What do you think about McPassion?


The Jew said...

I'm actually kinda speechless after watching it...

To a degree I think it's funny, but to a degree I also understand the blaspheming thing. Though I thought the credits were funny, making fun of other religions. That's always fun.

Garwik said...

That was actually pretty funny. It's more making fun of everything selling out to marketing rather than religeon.
Mel and I were a bit disapointed they didn't do a Norse Mythology parody at the end.
McNorse Meal! With free plastic skull of your enemy to keep your drink in! SKOAL!
Also giant foam Thor's Hammer!

elizabeth said...

Rob, I am with you on the humor in the closing credits.

Cuz, I think you got it, but you like satires. Hey, email them your idea...Cause I would want a McNorse Meal and you might win a DVD copy and if you don't want it you could pass it on to me. Has Bill seen this yet? Oh, and Mel wanted me to keep my eyes open for an anime thing, what was it?

Is McPassion blasphemy or opening our eyes how over marketing and commercializing cheapens the scared? What if this is less about the writers and more about how commercial Christianity is becoming?

“Christianity” has become popular, a hot selling item…there was the WWJD craze that gave us bracelets, shirts, special Bibles or the Prayer of Jabez movement with books for every age groups, journals, coloring books, calendars and my personal favorite the Jabez prayer shawls.

The clinching McPassion hammer and child size crucifix, or the crown of thorns in every meal came way to close the some of the cheesy kids ministry promotion ideas I’ve seen.

Combs said...

I love it. I've been wondering a lot lately about how Christ would react if he walked into our church right now. Would he smile and say we're doing well, or would he start riping his pictures off the wall and walk out with them? I agree with them that the chruch is overly commercialized, with promoting movies from the pulpit, and how the prayer of jabez can change your life and increase your profit in just three days. As for blasphemy...they didn't take the Lord's name in vain, they didn't claim to be God, they didn't even truly make light of the passion (I suggest watching Family Guy if you think they did). Elizabeth your right, there are children's programs that I've seen who have come closer to making like of the cross. Maybe we should stand back and laugh and learn from this. What we should definatly not do is react to this the way the Muslim world reacted to the cartoon's in a Dutch news paper, and prove them right.

Xaven said...

All I can say is "Wow."

elizabeth said...

but wait, there is so many ways wow can be said. is it:

a. "wow" -that was funny
b. "wow" -Liz, i think your nuts
c. "wow" -i'm praying for the writers soul and protection against McHell
d. "wow" -is mom upside down
e. "wow" -people have gone to far
f. "wow" -i'm convicted
g. "wow" -all of the above
h. "wow" -none of the above
i. wow, it is too similar to a Dr. Gavel midterm

Sarah Gomez said...

Hey Liz - I am waiting for this video to be playable - then I will comment on it. First, a comment on your comment :)

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Sarah Gomez said...

haha, I'll go with the WOW which meant - Liz where in the world did you fond THAT!?