Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thankful Thursdays #6

I am thankful for...

-Good preaching that convicts and awakens!
-Road trips.
-Tea. All types all flavours especially enjoying the caffeine.
-Tanya Nace!
-Laughter, even when it’s at my expense.
-Falling snow, that magical light fluffy snow that fills the sky and makes you feel you’re in a giant snow globe.
-God given strength, self-control and victory.
-Free movie rentals.
-Fresh salad.
-Those who are willing to pass on their wisdom and training.
-Hugging friends.
-Pillows and sleep...I feel like the a living zombie. I am off to bed. Night.


matthew said...

I am thankful for twix bars, and friends like elizabeth, and pillows, and dvr, and the buffalo sabres, and pancakes

Jo Hanson said...

yay for tea! yay for tanya nace. Yay for LIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am thankful for decision-making ability, and the love of little children.

elizabeth said...

I'm thankful for my friendship with both Jo and Matthew. Yay for friends, yay for tea. yay for car that works. yay for deision-making ablilities, and yay for children!