Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thankful Thursdays #7

Some one asked me how my day was. My first answer was just long. I’ve taken a little more time and it did feel long. I but I also see how blessed I am. Today, I thank God for…

-Gina May and her xbox which is ‘mine’ for a week
-Wisdom past on from others to me
-Zion Hill, I haven’t been in over seven years but a fellow camper friend posted on my facebook and it made me smile and brought back good memories.
-Someone willing to run a few errands for me so that I could focus on youth for another hour.
-Late night phone calls
-Msn, as much as I complain about it being a limited communication method which it is, it does help me connect with Japanese friends with is very happy.
-People willing to use their gifts and time for God
-Having the chance to share what I believe with someone who sought me out to ask questions.
-Others trust in me
-Heaters in cars.
-Good books that inspire
-My parents who love me

What are you thankful for this week?


Combs said...

In at the store we look costumers up by short codes instead of and account number. Today I found this one.
4PIE...made me think of you...and pie...ummmm, pie.

elizabeth said...

Pie. mmmmmm. pie.

a joyful thing.