Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Anger Abounds

I was folding laundry early this morning. One of my favourite, simple joys in life, is the smell of freshly clean clothes. There is nothing like it. Back to the story, as I was folding I noticed a new shirt, a shirt I love, a new shirt I love that I “just” bought at the concert I went to…and by just I mean back in March, which is relatively new since I was washing it with free t-shirts from summer camps going back to 02.

The point my new, beloved tee had two, yes two, tiny holes. I was upset and curious how they came to be and yet moved on. Till the next shirt had similar small holes. And the next also had similar small holes. I know it is minor. It’s just clothes. But grrr.

My first guess is the washer. But on my drive to work, which helped me to cool down, I concerned other possibilities: mice, moths, my stupid cats, tiny cotton loving aliens (like some mini crop circles in cloth instead of fields –it’s possible), and my belt. I am going to compare the location of the holes when I get home. I want to blame the waster or dryer but do fear it is all my belt’s fault. Either way my shirt will still have holes and I will be annoyed.


matthew said...

will you let us know when you determine the cause?

Elizabeth said...