Friday, May 08, 2009

It’s the End of the World…Or Maybe Just Tonight’s Youth Rally

Every year our youth group makes the trip up to Hillside Wesleyan for the ever popular Hillside Rally. This May is no exception. As of last night everything was set, youth were excited, numbers were good, registrations sent in (well mostly sent in, there were two late joiners to the event. I had emailed to confirm them and sent there money only I forgot to put a stamp on the letter. Thankfully Tim, the organizer, is willing to take the money at the door). And the best and most important part -there were enough drivers/chaperons. Everything was perfect.

Everything was perfect until twenty minutes ago when the other driver phoned to say there was an emergency with work he can’t get out of it and won’t be able to go this weekend. PANIC! Finding one adult willing to drive with six weeks notice was a small feat. Finding a driver with six hours notice is going to be a slightly more challenging.

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Combs said...

It's never quite the end of the world we may think. More like a shift in equalibrium, or paradigm.