Thursday, May 07, 2009

Hanging On

The past month has been full of these great God “ah-ha” moments, answered prayers, and blessings. Yet it the midst of the good it is like the world is also getting darker. There has been struggles, illness, fear, anxiety, conflict, anger in my life. Talking with close friends it has been true from them too.
And tonight I am feel broken.

Youth just ended and it is like everything went wrong. Just when I think I am starting to understand youth ministry and connect with students it seems like the rugs been pulled out from under me. I am not looking for encouragement, pep talks, or praises. I know who I am in Christ and that my perspective isn’t completely accurate. God is still good and in control.

As I hang on to truth I am waiting to see what will come next. Living in the unknown is hard. I thing I am suppose to be discovering the practical side how Jesus followers are to live out “strength in weakness.” At the moment the wisdom I have is…

Life and relationships are messy.
God loves me.
And I am thankful I am not alone.


Jecca said...

i'm praying for you today.

Sel said...

That's good wisdom. Living in the unknown is very hard, but we follow a God who knows! God loves you and so do I!