Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thot of the Week

Twice this month Scott has let me write a 'Thot of the Week' for the church e-bulletin. Today’s request was a surprise. I just finished. This was the only “thot” that came to my mind. If you see mistakes or it is dumb please don’t tell me cause it’s already been sent out to the church.

Last night I pulled out a CD I haven’t listened to in a few years. As music filled the space I couldn’t help smiling and in no time I was singing along. Last night I didn’t just listen to CD; I rediscovered one of my favorite bands. How could I have forgotten?

Music isn’t the only thing that is easily forgotten. Remembering God’s truth and promises has always been a struggle for His children. It was a cycle of forgetfulness that lead to most of the Israelites heartaches. It is forgetfulness that has caused me grief as I worry over things God has already promised to take care of. We strive to be mature followers but often forget the foundations of love, grace, forgiveness, trust, and obedience we are to live by. Sara Grove’s song The Word sums it up best in the bridge:

I think it's time I rediscover
All the ground that I have covered,
like Seek Ye first what a verse
We are pressed but not crushed,
perplexed but don't despair.
We are persecuted but not abandoned
We are no longer slaves we are daughters and sons,
and when we are weak we are very strong
And neither death nor life
nor present nor future
nor depth nor height
can keep us from the love of Christ
And the Word I need is the Word
that was who put on flesh to dwell with us.
In the beginning....

As you live out your walk with Jesus what truths do you need to rediscover this week?

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