Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Eleven Days

I love the fall. It isn’t just the crisp air, fresh apples, or the changing leaves. It is more than the justification that knitted creations are warm, beautiful and needed. The fall means November and another chance to push myself to write a novel.

I love everything about National Novel Writing Month or (nanowrimo). Extra bonus -this year I am a ML for OLL, yay! Before last year’s challenge had ended I was dreaming about a 2009 plot. It was outlined and prepared. Until one fateful night in August while standing in the line for stale popcorn I reached into my pocket and pulled out a tile from my favourite board game “Elfenland” when a dread plot bunny hopped into my head.

I’ve followed this white rabbit into a new world that I am enjoying discovering and am looking forward to writing the characters adventures. Of the three years I’ve participated in nanowrimo this had to be my favourite story idea yet. The writing begins in eleven days.


Jecca said...

i can hardly believe it is almost nano time...I have honestly not completely committed this time because of all the Christmas projects I simply want to *make* this year, but the thought of not participating is truly terrible! However, I just ordered a new computer (mine is not eager to work correctly whenever I need it to), and it should be set up just in time for Nov. 1st! So, perhaps I can break it in by writing a novel. Which, by the way, I have NO plot for. Not even an inkling of an idea! But I am so thankful for your excitement, friend! You motivate me to get on the ball and trudge through it regardless of the inevitable sleeplessness that must ensue from so little extra free time. I appreciate being in the fight with you and I'm going to do my best to get to 50K. :)

Glo said...

can't wait for Nano!