Friday, October 02, 2009

In The News

I’m not a newsaholic. I miss most headlines. Once and while (when I stay up late enough) I might catch a satirical version of the news on the Daily Show but I don’t think that counts. However today was different. Today I indecisive about which CD to listen to so instead my car played CBC radio. A few of the stories caught my attention. My headline has a link to the CBC article.

The Value of a Life: I had just turned my car on when the announcer was explaining, “In exchange for the video, the first visual proof that Sgt. Gilad Schalit is alive, Israel freed 19 Palestinian female prisoners earlier today.” Schalit has been a prisoner of war for three year. Hamas is asking that the Israeli government release 1200 prisoners in exchange for the Schalit. As I listened the thought that grew was “so Hamas thinks an Israeli soldier’s freedom is 1000 times more valuable than a Palestinian life.” I know that is not the intent of the demand but that is how I interpreted it.

Election Won By Draw: Yay for the democratic process but when that doesn’t work games of chance are the next best option? The radio had the returning major state, “I am very happy with the results.” Not sure of their source but I would be too. The loser who had won by two ballots before the recount is speaking to lawyers.

The Pot Calling the Kettle Black: The summer Nova Scotia had a provincial election because NDP and Liberals defeated a motion that NDP member Graham Steel called "poor fiscal planning." Today the new NDP majority government is doing what they defeated former Tory government. So really nothing has changed -the members of government just 10-million dollar game of musical chairs.

2016 Olympic Host: When I caught the story this morning the vote was still known. I was hoping Rio de Janeiro would earn the bid. It would be the first time the Olympic Games were held in South America. CBC said, “To enhance its bid, Rio brought its own superstar to the showdown — Pele, the widely acknowledged "King of Soccer." He reminded voters this was the fourth time Brazil has tried for the Olympics, and the people of his country support the effort at the grassroots level.” They are celebrating in Brazil because Rio will be the 2016 host city.

Site Launch: National Novel Writing Month (nanowrimo) is 30 days way. The new site is up and running since yesterday. Anyone interested in participating in this exhilarating writing experience can sign up today. (This fact wasn’t heard on CBCradio but it is still true and the link with take you to

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Jecca said...

i can't help but be inspired by the thought of another year of nano, though i definitely have not thought even once of what i should write about! less than a month left and i have to figure out how i'm going to fit nano into november's schedule...i do plan to participate regardless. :)