Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Inconvenient Thinking

I’ve been struggling with my thought process lately; it seems to be working against me. It’s not what I am thinking that’s the problem but more when I am thinking. All my good ideas come to me at the wrong times. It’s been things like:

-coming up with bloggable ideas when I am driving or at home (no internet)
-thinking about ministry projects when I am suppose to be on personal time
-great plot developments for my story when I’m at work
-being flooded with ideas right before bed
-remembering errands when the store is closed

Often the ideas are neat and get me energized which then distracts me from what has to be done. I tried carrying a notebook with me which worked except when I was driving and until I forget the notebook. It’s very frustrating.


Robin said...

haha... I think you just described what pretty much all creative people go through. For me it's when I'm trying to study, and plot/art/entire concept ideas just pop up.

I think it's cuz our brains are still processing stuff we've been thinking of, even when we're currently not conscious of it. Like when your computer downloads stuff "in the background" and then interrupts you with a "ding" to let you know.

Elizabeth said...

That makes sense...frustratingly true sense.

PS With all this background mind downloading my nano story is going to be awesome.