Tuesday, December 06, 2011

The Simple Woman Daybook 86

FOR TODAY: December 6, 2011
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Outside my window...the blinds are closed to stop the glare off the computer.

I am thinking...about writing group, Christmas schedules, the up coming children's Christmas musical, and "safe" places I could have put the things I am missing.

I am thankful for...my writing group.

From the kitchen...is a mess that must be dealt with tonight. I can no longer push "editing" issues off till December because December is here...and the pile of dishes is too high.

I am wearing...A black t-shirt with a formal black skirt (which I normally reserve for Sundays) laundry is another important life element that must be taken care of tonight.

I am creating...since I'm letting the novel "breath" (I actually found that term in an article on how to edit your novel) I'm back to knitting a shawl and debating finishing the baby blanket. There are also Christmas cards to make at some point.

I am going...for lunch

I am reading...The Soprano Sorceress by L. E. Modesitt

I am wondering...what the difference between thinking, wondering, and pondering is and why all three are in the daybook. I realized today that I was missing a few simple woman categorizes wondering and pondering were two of them (I added all the "new" ones).

I am hoping...to be productive.

I am looking forward to...the church's Christmas banquet.

I am hearing...the distant murmur of people talking.

Around the house...much to do.

I am pondering...world construction for my novel.

One of my favorite things...the Golden Apple.

A few plans for the rest of the week: cleaning the apartment, open mic, youth group, play practices, church banquet, church, Christmas card making craft day, a celebrating a friends birthday, and the last writing group meeting of 2011.

A picture to share...
The Golden Apple


Rosanne said...

Hello from western Canada and thanks for sharing your Day Book entry.
I send you a big breath of God-air today.....to just calm your heart and enjoy all the little things He sends your way.
Looks like you have some amazing friends to share with. Invaluable as the pace quickens :)

Lisa notes... said...

I lose things in those "safe" places too. ha.

I haven't noticed the category changes in the Daybook format--guess I need to be more observant. ha. (I substitute in my own anyway....)

You've got a busy December. I guess that's the norm nowadays. Ours is that way too.

Thanks for sharing your Daybook. Love the picture. :-)

Arlene said...

Sounds like you have a lot of projects that need completing. I hope you get caught up soon. Thanks for sharing your daybook. Have a blessed week.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations my girl - on winning the Golden Apple Award. That IS a great picture.

Have a question for you - to be answered as soon as possible - how do I contact Emily? At least that's what I think her name is.
She wanted a Jayne Cobb hat knit before mid-December when she leaves for ... maybe for out West somewhere?

Please can you e-mail me an answer asap?

Thanks, Jane(y)
jandhj2 AT yahoo DOT ca
(Change caps to symbols and lose the spaces.)