Tuesday, June 18, 2013

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"Publish or Parish"

After two months without new content and only four post in the months before things don't look to good for the Blow of Stew(art). Without excuses, I just haven't wanted to write. The few occasions I've had interesting thoughts I've been far from a computer or the internet and by the time I was the thought has lost or seemed "too old".

The thing I realized this week was that I missed blogging. Nothings changed I just missed the thinking and sharing that can happen on a blog that doesn't on Facebook. So, grab the writing defibrillator...we're going to try and save the blog!

What's new?

Since my 32nd birthday (and the last post before thing) this is what's been going on:
  • A dear friend moved away it was sad and buying her couch and zero gravity chair does not make up for the lost.
  • I've discovered a new "board" game, The Resistance. It's designed for 5-10 players and has been a hit at youth group. Might be the first game I review if I resume the "rate the fun" posts.
  • I've been preparing for the youth group's 4th annual Frenchy formal and the church's summer Backyard clubs. I'm excited for both these events, especially the themes. The youth group event is Willy Wonka and the Backyard Clubs will be Group's medieval VBS Kingdom Rock.
  • I saw Star Trek: Into Darkness and loved it so I watched it again and then watch Wrath of Khan.
  • I've been listening to a lot of audiobooks and a bit of reading. The books that I'm thinking about right now are ADD Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life and If You Will Ask
  • My family is visiting in 11 sleeps!!!
  • And last a celebration......
....my baby sister turned 13 today!
Happy Birthday Lee-Ann!!!
Disney Trip 2007 (Lee_Ann's 6)
(Dad was it 2007? Let me know if I need to correct the date)
Christmas 2012
(Lee-Ann's 12) 

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Gloria Sigountos said...

Yeah you're back! Also i have to admit that every time you talk about your sister I get so happy. She is growing up into such a pretty girl!