Saturday, April 26, 2014

Birthday Blessings: From Sunrise to Late Night Games

Keeping with birthday tradition, I called my family 1 minute after midnight (the actual time of my birth). It was a short call because the second birthday tradition required a very early start. Did you know the current sunrise time is 6:12am! It was worth it; it is a beautiful way to start another 365day journey around the sun.
Then I tried my hand at one of those canvas picture transfers I've seen on pinterest. It did not go do well. "Fail" post to be shared later this week.

Then it was a wonderful morning at the Wolfville Farmers Market. I had perogies for breakfast because that is what I really wanted.
Next stop was a big cheer competition because four girls from my church were competing. It was really neat. I cheered on the cheerleaders and kinda felt like I was living in the "Bring It On" world. Also have a craving to rewatch that movie.

After a home cooked meal I enjoyed the best birthday blessing... my wonderfully clean home. I struggle to keep a tidy home. Even the simple tasks of dishes and keeping up with what is eatable and what has turned into a science experiment in my fridge is a challenge. The past few weeks the place has gotten really gross, shamefully icky. That is until Thursday night when house elves broke in and cleaned EVERYTHING! And left cookies and flowers. BEST GIFT EVER!
Supper was a amazing all you can eat meal at Sushi Fang with 9 wonderful friends (thank you to everyone who joined me). We ate so much food and then Blizzard ice cream cake. Also one of my dearest friends from my youth group days who I haven't seen since 1998 joined us!
The last joy of the day before sleep was board games. First we played Escape which has quickly made into my top five "always want to play" games list. And a new to me game called Love Letter

And that was my birthday. Thank you everyone for the joyful birthday blessings. It has been a wonderful day and I am so glad to be me.

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