Monday, January 02, 2017

2017 Birthday Bucket List Check In

With 2017 here I thought it was time to look at my birthday challenges again. It has been four months since the last review.

If you haven't seen it before, on my birthday I set a number of goals for the year. This year it is "35 While 35;" the challenges are divided into seven areas, spiritual, relationships, adventure, hobbies, culture, health, and second chances.

The Key
plain text = not started
green text = started
purple text = completed

1) Choose My One Word for 2017

2) Read the New Testament
I'm in half way through

3) Explore Contemplative Spirituality

4) A Day of Silence

5) Be Thankful

6) Time with My Dad

7) Friend Reunions
I have plans to see a friend from my youth camp

8) Attend a Family Reunion

9) Send Christmas Cards Happy New Year's Cards
Totally forgot...I think might try a "happy 2017" card

10) Go on a Date

11) Take a Risk

12) Go on a Road Trip

13) Go Camping

14) Be Upside Down

15) Be Outside Canada

16) Try Something New

17) Join a Club/Group

18) Cosplay as a New/Different Character
I had a few plans...but the convention isn't it May. I thought it was earlier

19) Try Bullet Journalling

20) Create a 40 Before 40 Challenge List

21) Visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site

22) See a Musical

23) Participate in a Reading Challenge 

24) Go to a Ballet

25) Attend a Convention

26) Be a Vegan for 40 Days

27) Keep a Food Journal

28) Complete a Pull Up
I have used the monkey bars to start practicing. Right now I can dangle/hold my weight for five-ish seconds. It's small but it is a start.

29) Dance

30) Run 5 km

31) Finally Paint This Canvas

32) Finish Four Children Stories

33) Make a Video

34) Draw More

35) Grow Something to Eat

15 challenges completed!

Many challenges to go. Some I am not sure will happen more because of the time or the cost but I am still optimistic.

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