Thursday, September 21, 2017

Thankful Thursday #216

It doesn't feel like a week has passed. Seems like a month ago my mood was so off and at the same time just yesterday. It's been a good week...however after planning to start my new NaNo Rebeling I haven't written anything. I've thought about writing. I just haven't. In spite of that  I am thankful for:

1) Butterflies! There have been so many in the flowers at the church this week.

2) More frog sightings. I really love the little guys. I'm just sad when the sightings happen on the road while I'm driving. Squished frogs are sad.

3) chats with my Sister over pizza

4) TV nights with Mom and Dad watching Father Brown

5) Cell Phones, that are so helpful for making plans and keeping in touch.

6) A growing friendship

7) A surprise gift of a super awesome knitting pattern book

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