Thursday, April 07, 2005

4 Sleeps

“What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”
-William Shakespeare

If I was not called Liz would I still be Liz? Hmmm…something to ponder. Sam, my boss at the pizza place looked at me today and asked, “Liz, what is wrong with Elizabeth? Why are you Liz not Elizabeth?” To which I really didn’t have an explanation since I never really thought that much about it. My friends in jr. high called me Liz and that’s just what I am called. Sam then continued, “Elizabeth is classy. What is Liz? Liz is nothing, it is no respect. I shall no longer call you Liz, you are Elizabeth. That is much nicer!. You couldn’t be a doctor Liz. You have gone to college, you are smart, you are Elizabeth”

He was true to his word, for the rest of the day I heard “Elizabeth”. At first I felt like I was in trouble. But I got use to it. And Elizabeth has a good meaning "give or consecrated to God". I like Elizabeth, and its more mature. So should I transition to being called Elizabeth?


matthew said...

I already call ya Elizabeth most of the time transition away


Ryan said...

I concur. Elizabeth is far more distinguished. Liz is cute. And you have always done well at playing up your stature and perkieness and played the role of the cute little girl quite well. Perhaps as you begin to make that dreaded transition towards ever increasing responsibility and professionalism Elizabeth might help convey that?

Robin said...

Hmmm... I don't know about this.

Combs said...

I've often found that what we are called plays into what we preceive ourselves to be. These things tend to define us. I tend to be know by my surname, I like it becuase it seems to make people more at ease with me which I like. It's easy going, it's macho. Personally it reminds me of my herritage, the people who've worked hard to give me the chances that I've had. We don't often have the choice in what people call us. We tend to accept it, sometimes with out thought, often with hesitation. The fact that you boss, say somthing in you that was classy, worthy of respect, older, and more mature. The name is not important, the conotation that comes with the name is.

Alison said...

You will always be Elizabeth to me, and I love you that way. It is definitely more grown up, but really you should use the name that suits you the most. Elizabeth gets my vote.

Jo said...

hmmm. good luck with this name-changing thing. I've personally tried to get people to call me by my full name because i thought it was more professional, grown-up, classy, feminine, etc. But alas, anyone who knew me from "before" still calls me "jo." some battles just can't be won. So, good luck with yours! I DO like Elizabeth though. but just want to say, that you COULD be a doctor and be called "Liz." my point is, I think WE define what our names communicate. We give our name meaning by who we are. If we want people to think of us as professional, we simply must act professional, etc. :)