Sunday, April 03, 2005

8 Sleeps

Tears fell from my eyes today; I cried much…the dozen onions I cut for work were directly related to my high water level. Other than that I had a good shift. I’ve learned a few more pizza girl skills this week like putting pizza in the oven and stretching the dough. Sadly we don’t do the cool flip the dough in the air. Maybe that’s a good thing, I could see myself sticking it to the ceiling of having the dough land on my head.

Lee-Ann thought it would be a good for a “spot of tea”. So mommy, Lee-Ann and I had a tea party, not just any tea party a real tea party with Mom’s grown-up tea set. Lee-Ann thought that was the neatest thing…using real dishes. Juice was used for the tea, sugar, and cream. It was actually fun. We spoke in out best British accents (which were pretty pathetic, but we tried) and nibbled on crackers while Lee-Ann poured the “tea”.


Robin said...

Wow, you're blogging like crazy these days! What gives? Keep it up.

matthew said...

That sounds splendid indeed

elizabeth said...

This is only temporary, only during the countdown…I plan to get lethargic and sloth-like and forget about my blog for weeks at a time