Monday, April 04, 2005

7 Sleeps

To China I go (which is in Asia) in just one week. Wow can’t believe its that soon, especially since I still need about $800. At first my question about having to raise support was “will God provide”. The question has been transformed to “how will God provide”. God is so amazing when he moves. Today two different sources provided $600, I was in shock or maybe just awe to see God's hand moving. God is so awesome.

Lee-Ann got to visit the hospital again tonight, nothing so serious. Her feeding tube came out so it was best to take her to the IWK in Halifax.


Jo said...

hiya liz
how long will you be in china?
and thanks for the regular lee-ann news.

elizabeth said...

hey jo, good to hear from you! i've missed your blog, but i understand how things are on internship.

i'll be in China for about two weeks. i leave canada on April 10th and arrive back on the 26th.