Tuesday, April 05, 2005

6 Sleeps

I was mistaken for a 16 year-old. 16! Six-freakn-teen years old! That is eight years younger then I actually am! I know I should be grateful, there are many women in the world who desire to look 8 years younger. And maybe someday I’ll be glad for it. But that day has not yet come. I would like to look my age, or at least like I am old enough to get into bars, not that I would go to a bars…cause I don’t. I just that’s an age associated with “adulthood” or maturity. And I am tired of looking like a little girl…frustration.

In other news, I became a human IV pole today. Normally my sisters feeding tube is hooked up to the machine and feeding stuff between 7pm and 7am…while she sleeps. But Lee-Ann has a deep sedate tomorrow (the chemo treatment will be injected into her spinal fluid), which means she can’t have anything to “eat” after 12am. So the feeding began some time this afternoon. Any time Lee-Ann wanted to move, like play in a different area, go upstairs, etc. we got to follow her around like a live IV pole. It was an experience.

For anyone interested: Tomorrow is the season permier of Docter Who on CBC @ 8pm.

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Sarah Gomez said...

I know how this one feels... When I was nineteen, my last resort for a job before heading to Bethany was at McDonalds. They told me I had to be 15 to work there. I said "Oh ok, and left." Grr.

People saying that "someday it'll be a good thing" is really of no help. Just makes me want to stand on my tippy toes and pull their hair.