Sunday, January 08, 2006

Murder Mysteries

There is something about police shows, “who –done-its”, and murder mysteries that is fascinating or maybe intriguing is a better word. A large part of my TV time is spent watching CSI and Law and Order (the rest is spent on Sci-fi cause I am a geek, with a little left over for girlie shows). I enjoy that challenge of guessing the real murderer. The frustration I have with those shows is that most of the time the real murder isn’t introduced till the very end.

My interest in trying to solve the mystery and put all the clues together has created a love for mystery stories that introduces all the main character within the first few chapters because you just know that one of them is guilty. I like Agatha Christie for this (author of And Then There Were None and Murder on the Orient Express). I especially love her Miss Marple series. I’ve read about a half dozen and watched a few of A&E’s Marple Mysteries.

I always make my predictions of who the villain is, the sad thing is I am never right! There are a few times I’ve been close. Often there is a few different sub-plots interwoven and I am right about one element. But never a hundred percent accurate…that is till last night. Last night I finished A Caribbean Mystery, and my first guess of the murderer was right. I even figured out how. I a strong sense of accomplishment. And for once the butler didn’t do it. Now I am looking for a new mystery to solve, anyone got a suggestion?


matthew said...

How do they get the caramel in a caramilk bar?

elizabeth said...

No idea. Only solved one mystery, i must not be a good detective