Tuesday, January 17, 2006


A recent acquaintance invited me over for lunch today. Yoko-san picked me up at 11 am and we walked to her apartment. The meal was great and we had a good time. Yoko lived in America for a year so her English is good. I had a wonderful time and believe that a good foundation for a friendship was formed.

After two hours I was ready to go home. It was 1:30 pm when I began to feel antsy. I had a strong sense that lunch should be over and I must to go "do things". Only the normal cues of closure never came, she actually brought out more green tea. So there was more food and talking. I relaxed and enjoyed Yoko’s company. The strong restless feeling returned at 3 pm yet again there was no ending. Again she brought out more green tea. It was not till after meeting her children, playing a weird non-violent video game, two more cups of tea the lunch was over…I arrived back at my place at 5 pm.

As I walked into my room a small voice asked, "was it a productive day"? The task-driven "to do list" part of me replied "No". I could only check off one item, how could that be considered productive? Reality reminds me that I was with a real person, listening, learning, being a part of her world, and forming a friendship. It was a successful day! People matter more than my to do list.


TRES CEE said...

bbean stew, runs down leg ehen done if spilled on u from within them

Robin said...

What the crap does the above comment mean?

Liz... sounds like a good day to me. And a very Japanese dinner party, too. Many courses, lots of talking time, long lunch. Mmm.

Coady Chan said...

Ahiru-kun, Konnichi Wa.
Ohoshi-sama, Ogenki?
Kore wa meushi.
Kuma-san, anata no namae wa?
hana wa doko?
Boko wa Coady desu.

Ressha-san, sayounara.

Coady Chan said...

Nothing like Baby Einstein to teach you japanese...

elizabeth said...

I also ask, what the crap to the first comment!

Robin it was very Japanese, and i had guilt because I forgot to bring a gift. And she sent me home with more food!

Coady -Nice Japanese, Kayoko translated for me, thanks for calling me a duck and a few other animals. my nose is on my face. Kayoko says the last line doesn't make sense (guess Baby Einstein messed up). And isn't "Chan" the title for little girls? Is there something about your gender your not telling us?

Coady Saikou said...

Actually Liz. Chan is my Chinese name. I haven't been honoured by the Japanese emporer AKIHITO yet for my work their in the auto industy.

As you may or may not have heard I brought the japanese car to Canada as well as the chinese car- hence my title Coady Chan meaning bringer of all good things auto (more or less). Maybe they'll give me the Name Coady Saikou...

I also helped resolve problems with the island of Etorofu and helped with the memory pegs for the japanese alphabet (you know- I've gotta ichy Knee son. She goes rock... blah blah blah...)

MELISSA m.s. nickerson said...

I know, I know, Liz. My husband's a nut!

I'm glad you made a new friend, Liz! I sort of have the opposite problem--I spend too much time "enjoying myself" and not enough getting work done. (In other words, I'm lazy.)

elizabeth said...

Oh great Coady Chan-san

Chan is still the title for little girls, if you want to be known as a boy go with "Coady-kun"

As for "ichi, ni, son, shi, go, roku...." are numbers not letters but thats a minor detail