Friday, February 02, 2007

This Time Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a day long anticipated. Early afternoon I’ll be getting on a plane and heading to Toronto where I will met up with my family. For me that is the best part, but it gets more exciting. We will then fly to Florida for Lee-Ann’s wish (having the family go to Disneyworld) will come true. I should be packing right now. Packing is the only downside of travel. I’m waiting for clothes to dry so I can start. Watching Jeopardy to pass the time. The show normally frustrated me because my guesses so far off. Yet tonight I had eight right, called before the contestants buzzed in. I grin with pride. I think it was a fluke and it helped that on category was "The Good Book".

Happy Groundhog Day!!!


matthew said...

good job on jeopardy. I hope your travelling went well and you're vacation is fun!

The Stiffs said...

Hi Rizu,
Long time, no talky. Wow! You're going to Disneyworld!? Have fun!
We met Yoko at Panjo on Sunday, she would really love to hear from you.