Thursday, March 05, 2009

Attempting To Be Thankful in Spite of Discouragement

How did the Old Testament prophets faithfully teach day after day, year after year, without being continually discouraged when the people they spoke to didn’t listen and wouldn’t change? That is something I desperately would like to know at this moment because right now I feel deflated like old balloon the week after the party.

Youth group ended less than a half hour ago and it seemed pointless. The night was like every other youth night over the past two and a half years I’ve been the youth pastor. Nothing was different but I am left wondering “have the activities of tonight made a positive impact on anyone’s life” and “if this is a failure is it my fault?”

In spite of my discouragement, Becca reminded me to see the good and be thankful. So this is my Thankful Thursday (and I’ll reflect and evaluate the discouragement tomorrow). I thank God for:

-Becca. She is a JOY!
-Breakfast foods. I have a supper date tomorrow.
-Soup! I LIKE SOUP. I like soup on Sundays with friends.
-Hugs from children.
-Friends that support me
-Making cards and new craft supplies. It helps me to relax.
-Good books.
-BBQ ribs and meals with friends.
-Playing new games with Kim and Brent
-Saturday I am going to see the Vinyl Café with friends
-A week from Sunday I’m seeing Third Day –LIVE, Yay!

And Becca just reminded me that youth group ended on time this week. That’s a good thing.

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Aaron Perry said...

Hi Liz,

Definitely a discouraging thing and I don't think you're the only pastor who feels it. Let me share a couple of thoughts with you:

1. Sometimes we never know the impact that people feel from our work. And when we work with teens we spend very little of their life's real time with them--school, home, etc.--where the real change has to happen and can only happen and often only happens slowly.

2. I don't think any of my youth pastors would have seen real change in me during any of my time through high school. But I certainly hope that none of them would say their time was not used by God to help make me the person I am.