Friday, March 06, 2009

From Yesterday to Today

The journey from the last night's discouragement to now has been a slow process but well worth the experience (mind you, if i had a time machine to take me back to speak with the last night me i doubt she would have agreed). This is how I've gone from darkness to joy.

-Watch CSI and Eleventh Hour with the Morgans and Becca. It helped me unwind and put time between me and the youth night. It helped that it was one of the best CSI episodes in a while.

-Folded laundry which surprisingly was a positive thing.

-Read a ministry leadership chapter on discouragement. Very good reminder and helped me put thoughts into perspective.

-I spent time in prayer.

-Had two really encouraging comments this morning. Thanks Aaron for your insight and Becca for the email.

-Talked with two close friends. There might have been a bit more venting that necessary. I am glad they still like me.

-The summer “VBS” curriculum arrived this afternoon. It is pretty and shiny and happy.

-I enjoyed a fun night with Becca starting with a huge (30 maybe 40 people) community supper and ended in the Acadia Christian Fellowship's annual coffee house and dessert auction.

And with great joy I can share this amazing news:

I have joined a new knitting group! I was introduced to a knitter at the coffee house and was invited to their weekly knitting group. I can only make it every other week but bi-weekly is better than no knitting.

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Steph said...

i'm so glad things are better. and yay for knitting groups, i heart mine. and i heart you, and miss you. and really hope I can see you when you come through next week!