Sunday, March 01, 2009

C is for Continuing

In January I set a number of life goals for myself that could be summed up in 6 Cs. These "Cs" are more than New Year’s resolutions. They a way for me to be intentional in areas I claim matter to me. This is the journey thus far…

Connecting (with God) –These first four days of Lent have changed everything. The lost of media (alone)hasn’t been as painful as I first whined. After that first day I haven’t missed it. Without that distraction I have been able to re-force my mind, heart, and energy. I have enjoyed my days more fully and have been more satisfied with how I spent my time. Without the TV always on I have been listening to more music (which doesn’t count as un-allowed media) that helps focus on God. I have also added reading from a one-year Bible.

Learning to partner sacrifice with seeking God has been a blessing. I know there are just 36 days in which a lot can happen but I choose to celebrate this day as a victory. I am living out of joy not duty. A sidenote: AP’s most recent post ‘Out Emergins Emergent’ was really good. The Eugene Peterson’s Eat this Word quote really connected with me.

Community –I haven’t had people over to my apartment yet but I have been very intentional about putting people first. There have been great games nights, the knitting (so sad it has ended), stamping/card making parties, and yesterday a group had a summer time bbq with mouth watering ribs and three amazing summery salads. So GOOD!

Creativity –This area is going better than I had expected. Three projects that havd been in hibernation for four year are done. I started some new projects Friday and have been thinking more creatively in general. Clichés can be true like, "use it or lose it.”

Correspondence –I’ve sent two packages and two letters. Not bad for a girl who took three years to send my dear cousins their Christmas gifts. The card making has really helped.

Challenges –I also gave myself 12 challenges for the year. I’ve started challenges 3, 5, 6, 6, 8, and 9 and am confident that all 12 will be completed this year.

Commitment –Last is my commitment to personal growth, good habits, and living the other 5Cs. One of the ways I am trying to keep this happening is by setting a monthly focus. January’s was "Get Organized"; February’s was "Spring Cleaning". Both were started and are on going. March’s monthly challenge is to edit the Novel, which I have begun.

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Robin said...

Wow you're becoming like some kind of productivity guru. You go girl.