Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Revelation Tour = Amazing

I love concerts. Words fail to capture everything that happens at a show but I am going to try.
We arrived with enough time for a quick look at the merch tables before anything started. I took advantage of a CD special and bought each of the groups CDs. Brent signed up for the Third Day Wired “club” which also gave him an opportunity to met Mac Powell and the band “backstage” after the show (and me more time to buy things and get stuff signed by the other two groups).

First was Revive, a band from down under that Mac Powell discovered and also produced there first CD. You can hear Mac Powell interview them here.

I got to chat with there wives before and after the show. They are super sweet.

Next was Bandon Heath. I really enjoy him music. His album What If We has quickly become my current must listen to CD. I think we listened to it five times on the drive back.

And then Third Day…WOW, what a fun, great, balanced, well-done, high energy, worshipful, perfect, show. With the lights and movement it was easier for my camera to take videos instead of pictures. But videos take up tons of memory so this was the best I got:

Half way through they moved from the stage to behind the sound booth for an acoustic set. They were so close it was almost hard to seem them. This was the best picture we could get:

And that was the show.

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