Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday

One week can make all the difference. Nothing changed yet everything was different tonight. I’m in a better place and frame of mind. It’s amazing what prayer can do…why am I always surprised. So without delay things I thank God for:

-Becca, yes again she tops the list! When I didn’t know when I was going to find time to eat/cook today and she called and asked if I wanted to come over for supper. She is such a blessing.

-Tomorrow (and Third Day on Sunday). The promise of a weekend away has helped me to have something to look forward to each day.

-An all night talk that helped me put so much into perspective.

-The ability to make things.

-My friends Kim and Brent and Doug and Terry.

-Soup and games on Sunday.

-Encouraging words.


-Clean desks.

Life is good. Thank you God!


Robin said...

Clean desk eh? So you finally sorted out those piles?

Elizabeth said...

Yes, the piles are smaller and only have a small amount of things all related with everything in the pile. No longer is the youth mission trip info in VBS pile or the lesson plan mixed with the "to do" pile. It is much happier here.