Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Tonight I pulled out a classic youth event from my high school days –a DU. DU stands for destination unknown. How it works is only the host locations (normally a youth’s home or someone in the church’s place) and the youth leader knows the destination. Drivers are selected and form a caravan that travel’s to the location. If possible a longer root is taken that passes other possible destinations to keeps people guessing the whole time.

This was one of my favourite things as a youth but I was unsure if the event would translate which is why I put off planning one till now. I was unsure how it would go. A few different youth made comments (to other people) why would I go someplace when I don’t know the location “it might be boring”. I was afraid that attitude would scare more away.

But we had ten come, even better there were four new people. The teens in my car acted just as I hoped. The whole ride they were guessing and second guessing themselves. The lead car even pulled up next to a house we normally visit…but then kept going. No one could figure it out. We even surprised the youth whose house we were going. Everyone seemed to have a good time. Our host had amazing food ready, a projector and wii was set up, and I brought obscure board games. To top it off there was a giant trampoline, hide and seek in the dark, and two kittens. It was a good night. If feel more confident about youth ministry this fall that any pervious year…which is good because yesterday marked the start of my fourth year at New Hope.

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