Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thankful Thursday

The last Bowl of Stew(art) Thankful Thursday was mid-June. Without even noticing the weeks slipped by and next I knew it was mid-September and I was out of thanksgiving practice. Nothing cataclysmic has happened without the weekly thanksgiving but my general outlook has been…hmm…less? So I am returning to my roots. Seven good things to reflect the week:

1) Morning prayer with the girls (only downside is waking up earlier)
2) New projects
3) Story ideas
4) People who volunteer without being asked
5) TV night
6) Coffee with mentors who have become equals
7) True creative criticism


Glo said...

i am glad to see this back!

Elizabeth said...

Ah, thanks. I've missed it too, which I've already stated. So again thanks.