Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Socks On the Go

Shops that sell wool, yarn, and other knittable fibers are my temptation and salvation…my bane and my muse…my guilt and my joy. They make it hard to say no.

I’ve been on knitting hiatus since May. This is partly due to the busy nature of summer, partly because it is hard to think of winter needs in warm months, but mostly because I misplaced the sock pattern I wanted to try. The pattern was successfully located about a month ago. Only by the time it was found I had lost interest in the yarn I had bought for the project.

It looked like the hiatus would continue indefinitely till I made the fatal mistake of stopping in Knit-n-Stitch “only to look” last Friday. I need to remember that yarn shops are dangerous places and there is no such thing has “just looking”. The store had just got in a new shipment of sock yarn. These balls were dyed in most beautiful shades and hues. The moment I touched that fibers I was in love and a half hour later I walked out with a small bag continuing enough yarn to complete my project. So much for “just looking”.

It has been a change getting back into the knitting groove. There were a few issues with remembering how to cast on and using four needles. After five failed beginnings the project is now well underway with two inches completed. I have a picture but blogger's picture posting feature is giving me issues. I'll add the image later.

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