Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua: Sept 22

Is anyone else planning on watching Survivor Nicaragua? If you want to but can't because you're busy or don't have the channel Canadian can find episodes at and I believe CBS has all things Survivor for US fans.

My Thoughts On The Season:
1) I'm glad Survivor is back. I prefer it to Big Brother.
2) I've read a rumor is two castaways are going to leave without being voted out. I hope no one is seriously injured.
3) Overall I am cheering for the Espada tribe.
4) Castaways I like (so far) are Kelly B., Jane, Jill, Jimmy J, and Chase. I'm disliking Shannon, "Sash", Marty, and Jimmy "T".
4) Tonight's episode is titled “Fatigue makes cowards of us all” after a quote by Vince Lombardi.

Predictions for Sept 22:
I think Espada will use the "Medallion of Power" to win the Immunity.

I think that Shannon or "Sash" will be going home.

Last Week's
Two groups hiked to a beach where Jeff welcomed them with a challenge to find the "Medallion of Power" that would aid the holders team. Once Brenda located it a twist was given. The groups that walked in together weren't their actual tribes. Surprise! You're being divided by age. La Flor tribe is 30 and young tribe is and Espada is for those 40 and older.

La Flor was given the choice to use the "Medallion of Power" to gain flint (fire) and fishing gear or save it for an advantage later. If they saved the power the tools would be given to Espada. They took the tools, wise choice.

Next was the usual first day at camp interactions. People feeling each other other, first impressions shared in private interviews, and alliances began. Kelly B. reveals to La Flor that she has a prosthetic leg. A few share that she has to be one of the first to go because she'd win the sympathy vote. Kelly and Alina also find the first immunity idol clue. I like Kelly I hope she does well.

Over in Espada they get fire going without flint. She later tells Jeff that she listened to his advice from an earlier season when he said if you're going to come out here you better know how to make fire. She spent an afternoon learning how to start a fire with glasses.

The Challenge:
There was only the immunity challenge with week. Tribes had to flow water from a platform to a large bucket with gutters to drop puzzle pieces. The older tribe was given the choice of using the "Medallion of Power" to add a full pail of water to their bucket. It would be a benefit in this challenge but the younger tribe would have the Medallion for the next challenge. Espada chose not to use the power...which is sad because they lost the challenge.

Pre-Council Thoughts:
Espada was torn between voting out goat-rancher Wendy and former professional football coach and sports broadcaster Jimmy Johnson.

Tribal Council:
Wendy gave a crazy plea that seemed long (even the edited version) and that did not save her. With a vote of 10 to 1 Wendy was voted out and 19 castaways remain:

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