Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua: Sept 29

My Thoughts:
1) The clash of personalities on both tribes is strong. Two episodes in and we get one of the most explosive tribal councils ever...after an opening question from Jeff. This season is going to be drama filled!
2) Watch out for NaOnka, she is mean. Last week she stole Jud's socks when hers were missing because she "doesn't like the guy". She called Kelly B. the “cripple” and a “charity case” adding that she wants Kelly gone as soon as possible.
3) Holly is crazy.
4) Kelly B., Jill, Jimmy J, and Chase are still my favourites.
5) I'm disliking Sash, NaOnka, Marty, and Jimmy "T".
6) Tonight's episode is titled “Glitter in Their Eyes”

Predictions for Sept 29:
I think La Flor will use the "Medallion of Power" to win the Immunity.

If Espada goes to tribal council Holly will be going home. I also think there is a good chance it could be Jimmy Johnson (due to lack of physical strength) or Jimmy "T" (because he hasn't clicked with anyone on the tribe).

If La Flor goes to tribal council Alina will be going home she voted against the majority of the tribe last week and is on the outside.

Last Week's Recap:
After voting out her friend and ally, Holly shows signs of cracking under the pressure. She's all over the place. One minute talking about kicking butt, the next steeling shoes for petty revenge filling them with sand and dropping them in the bay, then confessing the theft to the group hoping to start with a clean slate and integrity. To quote Jill "She's unstable."

At La Flor more personalities are clashing. As already mentioned NaOnka's socks were taken and plays as "dirty" by stealing Jud's socks. He confronts her and she yells and bullies. Later, Jud almost sets fire to his hair. NaOnka retorts "he's stupid."

The challenge was fun. First they had to crawl through the mud, find the balls buried in hay, unwrap the balls, using shields pass the balls to one another and the last person shoot the ball into an awaiting basket. Espada learned from the last challenge and used the medallion of power which helped them ensure victory, avoid council, and earn fishing gear.

Back at Espada, the whole group discovered the clue for the hidden immunity idol. Jill decoded the message which she shared with Marty and Dan who found it. This might be the start of an alliance but the trio hasn't made any packs yet.

Back at La Flor, Sash is working on creating a “Minority Alliance” with NaOnka and and Brenda. Chase was between a rock and a hard place. Both his alliances was gunning for the other one. Shannon wanted Brenda out, Brenda wanted Shannon out. Everyone spent the day scrambling for their side. The whole thing is a power keg. The global blog said,

The La Flora fuse was lit with one, solitary question from host Jeff Probst. Shannon tore into Chase for betraying him. Chase stumbled and bumbled trying to defend himself and save face as best he could. Sash waded into the conflict and was accused of being…ummm…gay (Huh?) by an ignorant Shannon. His manhood questioned, Sash felt the need to strut and displayed his feathers to prove himself and he did. Sash fired back claiming he had dated more women than Shannon even had. Double huh? Really? Folks, it is officially an argument between dumber and just plain dumb. Somewhere in there, perpetually pissed off NaOnka took some more swipes at Jud the Jughead, the perpetually puzzled.

After the arguments simmered down, with a vote of 7 to 3 Shannon was the second person voted out and 18 castaways remain:
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