Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Disney Days Six & Seven: Epcot

Our last Disney days were at Epcot (with a journey over to Hollywood to see the Fantasmic night show). I really enjoyed our time at Epcot. It might be my favourite because there always seems to be something new to see or explore. I wish we could have another day there.

I loved walking around the "countries" in the world show case. To make it fun to children they've added Kim Possible missions. We got to "save the world" as "secret team Possible agents," which was a blast. There had been a lot of changes to the "science" pavilions near the giant golf ball. It was good from Soarin to Mission: Space where we went 3Gs -so cool!

Lee-Ann's Top Five Things:
1) Captain EO the 1986 Michael Jackson 3D show
2) Character lunch and meeting all the princesses
3) Soarin' ride
4) The Sea, both the Nemo ride and talking to the sea turtle crush
5) The Kim Possible Adventure "missions"

My Top Five Things:
1) Character lunch and meeting all the princesses
2) Talking to Crush
3) Mission: SPACE (orange)
4) Soarin' ride and the Living with the Land green house tour
5) The Japan section of the world tour


Glo said...

Liz i have really enjoyed reading your trip updates! and i am really jealous, you got to meet all the princesses? that is so cool.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks Glo, the trip was wonderful and there should be one more trip update. I am also sorry your jealous, if it helps we didn't meet ALL the princesses this time. We missed Tiana from Princess and the Frog and Jasmine.