Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Simple Woman's Daybook 47

FOR TODAY: February 13, 2011
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Outside my window...stars and palm trees

I am back is good and my feet hurt.

I am thankful for...Give Kids the World

From the kitchen...about to eat lucky charms.

I am wearing....jeans and my green Future for Five tee.

I am creating...peace, joy, and love while on holidays (correction because of Jane's wise comment)

I am going...Animal Kingdom (tomorrow).

I am reading...The Book of Awesome.

I am hoping...that the pain in my feet goes away because tomorrow will be another full day of park walking.

I am parents talking and sister getting ready for bed.

Around the house...the cats, I hope.

One of my favorite things...volunteering.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...from this week:


Anonymous said...

Morning Liz;

I came here to ask when you were coming home - obviously you are still away, having palm trees outside your window. But maybe that's not such a good question to answer in such a public place. (And actually, I have forgotten why it was necessary for me to know that.)

Please can I suggest a correction to your answers? The statement:
"I am creating...nothing at the moment because I'm on holidays.", is not true.
You are creating joy, peacefulness and contentment by being where you are - because I am sure that your family is/are pleased you chose to be with them. As well, you are felling joy, peacefulness and contentment about being there - for being with your family, for being on vacation and for being warm without having to wear layered clothes.
Their (and your) feelings of joy, peacefulness and contentment are then radiated out to everyone they (and you) meet and interact with over the course of the day.

Jane(y) in Wolfville where it is overcast and cold

Elizabeth said...

Jane, you are right and I agree...the correction will be made.