Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A Confession, A New Hero, and A Choice

I bought three books tonight. Yes, it is true, after only four days since my declaration of book buying abstinence I have failed. BUT I had a good reason. If I had made an exception this situation would have been the exception. Here is my story and an introduction to my new hero:

A few weeks ago, while picking up a few inter-library loan that had arrived, I noticed a poster announcing that Lesley Livingston would be visiting the library on May 3rd. I had read and enjoyed her first novel and she's a real live author coming to my area! So I signed up to attend the gathering. I admit now I was very excited. However, I fear new situations, meeting new people, and the uncertainty of attending an event you've only heard about from a poster or an ad. As a result, I find I try to bury my anticipation under low expectations. It is a defense mechanism; I'm trying to fool myself into thinking I don't care or I'm not a little nervous because it is better be expect disappointment and be pleasantly surprised than having expectations shattered.

So earlier this evening with great anticipation and some trepidation I headed to the library. Arriving a little late but just in time to slip in the door as Lesley (not sure what the protocol is for using author's names in blogs full name seems too long, first names seems to personal, Ms. seems too formal, and just her last name seems to academic, oh the things I wrestle with at 1am) began to share. The whole time was amazingly awesome. It surpassed even my deep unspoken expectations; it was joy and joyfulness and cupcakes and new books!First she gave a summary of the first novel without spoilers, then she read an excerpt from her other two books, shared about her next book that will be released this summer, her next writing project, showed book trailers which were fun and yet still causes me to ask "when did books get trailers?" and finished by answering questions before signing copies of her books. It is at this moment I walked over to book table and bought all three books (thank you family birthday money went to a good present tonight which also makes the shopping okay). She signed all three books...with different inscriptions! = AWESOME!

My impressions on meeting Lesley Livingston (based on the hour meet-up) she is amazing. She is fun, witty, creative, inspiring, and full of life. She can laugh at herself and make a crowd feel at ease. She was genuine in her appreciation of complements and even took the time to explain how a woman's positive reaction to the book was very affirming. I said something very dumb that I was glad to meet her and that "she was a cooler version of me" or at least the me I hope to be someday.

I had a lot of fun. And while the night wasn't about how to write or her writing process there is one piece of wisdom I am taking away. Lesley said, "90% of writing is editing and you can't edit a blank page." It reinforced my personal need to story write daily and deadlines. Not sure where this will lead me but I think I am going to go work on my Elf-land-quest-Abby story before bed. And I am going to write everyday for a minimum of ten minutes and it will be fiction writing (emails for the office, blogging, and facebook status will not count I promise).


Anonymous said...

YAY BOOKS! they are the awesome

Elizabeth said...

Books are awesome!

I have no guilt about spending money on books last night. The best part is each one is signed...

...and there was no tax.

Happy Dance!

Additional Note: my childhood best friend and fellow book lover supports my thoughts on Lesley Livingston. She said, "she's lovely in person. And super smart!" It makes me happy when people I love and respect like the people I've enjoyed just meeting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz glad to hear of this positive and exciting meeting. Sounds like she has inspired you to strive forward in your writing and that is great. We can never have too many friends either.
Love YOu
Aunt Sharon