Thursday, May 05, 2011

Survivor Redemption Island: May 11

Thoughts On Last Nights Episode:
1) This has been a very spiritual/faith heavy season. Survivor is not a game that Christian values mesh with. Those that claim faith are doing a good job at living with integrity. I don't think I could have given up family love to show love to the people who voted me out. To top that, I believe the choice wasn't strategic but because he wants to follow Jesus.

2) I really hope Rob wins the title Sole Survivor...he has been trying to win for almost a decade. His climb to earn the immunity was awesome to watch. Bearly able to move, totally spent, yet still striving to finish.

3) Philip isn't crazy. He is a genius. Choosing to be the villain so Rob keeps him to the end. He knows what he is doing.

4) It's impressive that an alliance of six kept strong this long. I hate watching them turn on each other. I love and hate this game. I hate seeing someones dream crushed.

5) I am a contradiction...I also love the blindsides.

Predictions for Next Show: May 11
No idea who is going to go next week...this has been the hardest season to predict. Philip? A girl? Philip? Rob? I don't know. My best guess is that Rob will be safe. He still has the immunity idol.

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