Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Weekend

My weekend holiday was gloriously grand. It was full of reunions, celebrations, friends, hugs, knitting and yarn. There was much driving, little sleep, hugs, tears, and getting sick (that was a downside). It had its downs but that just made the good that much fuller. The adventure started 11pm Thursday with the drive to Moncton. I was in St. John by 9:05 am to pick up Nata so we could be in Black Harbour at 10:15am so that my car actually got on the 1:30pm ferry. It did, and we arrived just in time for Nata to make the wedding rehearsal.

After we were settled in Pa's Place and the rehearsal was over, Nata and I joined in the eve of wedding preparations. Our primary jobs were cutting with sandwiches and arranged trays. Nata has mad sandwich cutting skills. And some how a sandwich tray creativity contest came about. Not sure if anyone one but it was fun, this was one of my trays:

These two are the best punch makers of all time!
No two cups of punch are ever exactly the same.
The girls have mad punch making skills.

Saturday was all wedding. Mid-morning Selinda and Amy arrived at our rental to dress. I hear they set the record for fastest wedding hair-prep time: 20min between the two of them. After a few pictures it was off to the church. Then wedding, pictures, reception, cake and the bouquet tossing. I did not catch the bouquet....

And I got to hug Missions Buddy. I love her!
After the reception, we had some time before the ferry, so Nata showed me Grand Manan from North Head to Swallowtail.

Then from Saturday evening till early Tuesday morning I spent with my dearest Steph. She introduced me to her knitting group, included me in their spinning day, and totally enabled my yarn habit (but suggested a cute pattern perfect for my hand dyed mohair so it won't just sit in my craft room longing to be knit).

It was a grand time, even if I came down with a fever, napped most of Monday, and made for horrible company. I was with good friends and it was grand.
Life is good and this weekend is proof.

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