Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thankful Thursday -Missions Buddy

I am thankful for...
Selinda Ingalls -My Missions Buddy!

Selinda is the bestest Missions Buddy a girl could have. We met back in 2000 while taking XD our freshmen year at BBC. Then we both were in the global program. I still find it strange that I now have friends I've known longer than four years. Anyways, sometime over the four years we went from strangers to classmates to friends and finally to planning our internship in Africa together and the became "missions buddies".

The five and a half months we lived in Swaziland were some of the greatest and worst times in my life. She was there with me through it all from language learning and culture shock to the joys of connecting with people. We had crazy adventures from geckos to cobras and many firsts like seeing the Indian Ocean. She sat with me the day I learned sister had cancer and it seemed my whole world had turned black and laughed with me over situations of preaching without a translator. Good memories. I am blessed to have a friend like Selinda.

I'm so excited that I am going to see her tomorrow! Selinda is getting married on Saturday and so the whole weekend is going to be a joyful reunion and time with dear friends. I love her and am so thankful for her. Yay for Missions Buddy!

P.S. Added thankfulness and joy due to Selinda's wedding: a cleaner apartment. Yep, since I am away, and the cats wanted to be fed, I had to have the space clean enough that I would feel comfortable with someone else in the apartment. After hours of cleaning and decluttering the entry, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom are done -completely clutter free! The living room and "office/storage" room are another story but we're not going to talk about that...must celebrate the wins.

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Glo said...

oh give Selinda my Congratulations!