Saturday, May 21, 2011

One Thousand

The lack of words these past fifteen days has been due to my silly search for the "right and best" word to commemorate and celebrate this post - the Bowl of Stew(art)'s One Thousandth Post.

Yep, after six years (and a few months) Bowl of Stew(art) has reached 1000 articles. Some were decent, some were horrible, some were fun and even witty, and more than a few were just waste of space but post by post we've arrived at thousand. It feels big; it feels like it deserves eloquent words and thoughts on remembering the past and looking to the future. It was my pursuit of these appropriate words that killed my creativity and just made writing the post very stressful. Hobbies shouldn't be stressful. A friend pointed out 999 was also very big and the 1001 will be even bigger and I should just write. He's write.

And so I've decided that I will not try to make this about an epiphany, or philosophize, or pull out a spiritual truth from my experience. Instead I am going to celebrate. Step by step, post by post I reached one thousand and that makes me happy. So, I celebrate with blueberry pie and return to regular blogging tomorrow.

Theme Song of the One Thousandth Bowl of Stew(art) post:

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Glo said...

Can not believe it has been so many posts! Congratulation. and i am very glad you will be back to regular posting i was beginning to think you weren't going to be blogging any more.