Monday, August 29, 2011

It's Been Panda-monium!

Regular blogging returns this week!

What no rejoicing?

I only hear cyber crickets...sadness.

I hope my lack of substantial posting has not scared regular readers away for ever. August was a crazy month, mostly good crazy but at times tear-producing-overwhelming crazy and thankfully almost almost over. I had hoped that life will be back to normal with the end of summer. But after talking with my mom on Friday I am not so sure. The conversation went something like this:
Mum: "So Dad goes back to work on Monday and Lee-Ann starts school soon and things are getting back to normal."
Me: "It will be good to have normal again. Backyard clubs and preaching is done so I think things will calm down a little before the church goes back to two services and I start planning trunk or treat."
Mum: "Liz, you don't have normal. You just always have things happening. It's a flurry of one thing after another. You are just energy."
Me: "Hm...there is always something going on. But I am sure I'll have two weeks that look the same this fall. It could happen."
Mum: "Do you even know what normal is?"
Probably not. I like that every week is a new challenge and adventure. I don't think anyone handles the same thing week after week. It's why God gave us the four seasons order in change. I have the "always changing" part down...I need to work on the "order" part. Thankfully the FlyLady's baby steps is helping me to develop healthy habits and routines...which makes me happy and almost have a normal schedule.

Speaking of schedules, I think I'm going to start three blog series on books I'm reading. The first will be Discovering Orange, it will be my thoughts on Reggie Joiner's book Think Orange and the compainon workbook. The second will be Discussions on Dawkins & Delusion, which will be inspired by an on going conversation I am having with my favourite Atheist on the God Delusion. The third series doesn't have a name but it is inspired by the book Primal by Mark Batterson (author of In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day). These are loose ideas but they are more likely to happen if I let you few remaining readers know. Tomorrow I'm going to be sharing the highlights and thoughts about backyard clubs.

It feels good to be blogging again!


Heidi B. said...


I still read your blog... even though I may not comment.

Glo said...

I'm Glad you're back! said...

Yeah! Welcome back! I'm always excited to hear about your adventures!

Nuchtchas said...

Normal is boring, you're anything but

Jecca said...

it's been a crazy month for me too! catching up :)