Thursday, August 04, 2011

Thankful Thursday -FlyLady

How do you eat a whole elephant? (Personally, I think the question should be, "why would anyone want to eat a whole elephant?" but that is neither here nor there.) The answer is "one bit at a time." The the task of decluttering is the elephant I must eat.

Over the five years I have lived there stuff, things, and boxes filled with stuff and things have piled up in every corner. The mess, clutter, and lack of organization drives me crazy. I am miserable at home and avoid my place as much as possible. I have been overwhelmed and discouraged for awhile.The mess paralyzes me to the point that any time I try to "make a change" I don't know where or how to begin and I feel defeated before I start.
In the past I have done a massive crisis clean when things got "really bad" or company was coming. Only I didn't have good habits to maintain the clean space for more than a few days. (It just dawned on me, my cleaning/decluttering "style" is "yo-yo dieting" cycle only for the house.) Even "30-Day" challenges which I normally enjoy don't help. I was lamenting last week to my walking partner about how hopeless I felt and she suggested this week's "person".

I am thankful for...The FlyLady

I realize it has only been five days. The potential is there for me to still give up but I don't think I will. I feel and am even think differently about the beginner's 31-baby steps. The daily tasks are manageable and builds on the day before. I am loving the confidence it is building in me to keep at it. These are the specific things I appreciate the FlyLady's site/method:
  • This is more that just a 31-day challenge. Clean, organized homes don't happen overnight (and if they do they don't stay that way long) when I am done the baby steps there are more ways to continue from daily emails, challenges, weekly zones, and special missions.
  • Creating habits and routines that will allow for a fuller life is the focus not just "decluttering"
  • All the tasks and emails are full of encouragement and positive reminders the two that I find most helpful are 1) this doesn't need to be perfect it just needs to be done and 2) I am not behind I don't have to stress to "catch up"
A visitor will still see my place as a chaotic mess. Boxes and stuff is still everywhere. Nothing appears to have "happened" (except the shining kitchen sink) but I can see the change. I see the new routines forming. I have hope. Little by little I am (and will continue to) gain control of the clutter and love my place. Someday, and someday soon, I will be able to invite friends over for tea and that is why I am thankful for the FlyLady!

If you are interested in joining me, it's not too late, you are not behind. Just start today with the first step. This is where I am at:

Day 1: success with shinning sink (plus extra clean kitchen floor)
Day 2: sucess with being ready to face the day from head to two (it really does affect how i carry myself throughout the day) + sink was shined again
Day 3: success at keeping on doing what I had started...and the sink shone not just because I hadn't used it dishes were washed then it was re-shined
Day 4: success with make reminders. I didn't use post-it notes because they don't stay on the walls but I had made a chart that is keeping me focused
Day 5: going home do finish now!

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