Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Tales of Woe and Victory

I am enjoying FlyLady.net. Three days in and I feel like I can actually overcome the apartment clutter and form new habits to prevent it's return. Does anyone else want to join me? Here are the lows and highs so far:

A Tale Of Woe:
The plan Friday was to leave for Best Friend's house around 7. She lives three hours away and I didn't want to show up too late. I was going be rushed if I wanted to leave on time. I debated pushing back the Beginner BabySteps till Monday when I would be less stressed. I decided it would be dangerous to wait; if I put off the first task (making my sink shine) I might never start.

I filled the sink so it could soak while finished laundry and packing. I thought I was doing so well till I returned to the kitchen to pull the plug...and discovered a waterfall cascading from the sink across the counter over the side quickly adding to the inch deep lake already spreading across the floor. Turns out I hadn't turned the water off like I had thought.

On a day already too full I flooded the kitchen. It was so very frustrating. Even with mops and towels it felt hopeless. The clean up set my trip back almost an hour and to add to the messy stress...the water damaged all my pretty cook books. Emotionally exhausted I called a friend to vent and the sage wisdom I was comforted with was "don't cry over spilt milk" and "at least water won't stink as much sour milk." Frustrating night but my sink was very sparkly day one's challenge completed with the added bonus of an equally clean floor.

A Tales of Joy:
Seeing Best Friend and U2 made up for the kitchen stress. I also took a break on Saturday and Sunday from the FlyLady challenges since I was away. It was a good whirlwind weekend. I also wasn't derailed from the BabySteps. It is day 3 of the Baby Steps and I still on track! Today's challenge was "do what you have already done" DONE!

That's right the past three days my sink has been sparkling clean (and not because I haven't used it but because I cleaned it before bed). And the past two days I've took the time to get dressed and really "lace up". New habits are forming. I have hope. I am looking forward to tomorrow's task. Anyone else want to join me on the clean house project?

A Tale of Woe:
While I was away my computer died. It won't turn on. I am ready to have the elders of the church come lay hands on it and pray for healing. And to end:

A Tale of Confusion:
Oh, I can be silly. I was confused this morning by a facebook message saying "bring your swimsuit if you like hot tubs" I was totally missing the context and sent back a "?". Turns out my Life Group was having a potluck AND I had already confirmed two weeks ago. Potluck? REALLY?

I vaguely recalled making plans in July but didn't remember the date. And in July it felt like August was months. The new plans threw me for a bit. I thought I had a free night and had wanted to visit knitting group for the first time and then stop in at my friends open mic. But potlucks and time with friends is important. So I reworked my plans and asked when to show up -around 5pm was the answer.

I left the office just after 5. Was very proud of myself for not getting lost on my way to their place. Showed up...and learned the gathering is Saturday. Oh how silly am I; I make myself giggle. Now I have plans Saturday AND I was able to visit the knitting group and hear local music. It was a good night.


Anonymous said...

Just a short answer - my clean sink wasn't accomplished ... until yesterday?
For the past couple of days I have been up at 6:30 am - because of a very noisy pheasant outside the bedroom window.
This morning "Mrs. Pheasant" was there as well.

I will check out the FlyLady tomorrow. Baby Steps sounds good for me too.


Nuchtchas said...
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Nuchtchas said...

I have flooded my kitchen more times then I can count, the last time I was answering a work call and didn't realize I left the water on, not only did I flood my kitchen but it dripped through the floor and flooded the basement, it was quite a mess. Don't feel bad about it, we all do it